Simplify your business logic, enhance your workflow.

We’ve created an innovative methodology for deploying enterprise scale applications using the humble spreadsheet.
We offer various enterprise solutions

One billion tax calculations,
every single month.

We’ve created an innovative methodology for integrating enterprise scale applications using the humble spreadsheet. Seamlessly plug the gaps in your inflexible ERP systems using Pebble Stream
We offer various enterprise solutions

Enhance your business potential with more efficient spreadsheetsmore efficient spreadsheets.

Easily transform your data
Connect and automate inflexible ERP systems by simply annotating your worksheets.
Ready your business logic
Our technology converts spreadsheets into enterprise ready processes.
Streamline app development
Developers can easily embed spreadsheet logic in cloud applications.

A secure encryption technology with limitless scalability

A ‘pebble’ is our secure, encrypted file that contain a templated version of your spreadsheet model. Once a spreadsheet logic has been “pebblized”, the function and data is now ready to be replicated with limitless scalability.
Converting your spreadsheet takes just seconds
No more waiting months for developers to translate your spreadsheet into a performant, bug-free code. Our technology works in seconds to transform a spreadsheet model into a robust, scalable model.
We understand the importance of security. With our patented technology, you can safely deploy your proprietary business logic with reduced risk of exposure.
Most efficient way of capturing your business logic
Embed your 'pebble' in your Java, C, C++, C#, TypeScript, JavaScript, Node.js, Scala, or Clojure based applications using the Pebble Stream runtime. Deploy it as desktop, web service or cluster application on your internal network, or execute it on Pebble Stream's cloud scale infrastructure.

With our patented technology, we’ve created solutions based on our users’ needsmore efficient spreadsheets.

Enhance your workflow on Google Sheets
Pebble Stream Zen offers enhanced spreadsheet capabilities with our directives on a user-friendly platform that analyzes and dictates how a spreadsheet model should be executed. The automated directives can be set based on your objectives, so you can focus on your essential work and be confident with your spreadsheet model's accuracy.
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Integrate your favorite data stores running Zen workflows at cloud scale
Lake offers a distributed and scalable cluster application that can run Pebble Stream based workflows at scale. Think of it as a secure, encrypted and fast application server that allows your team to get everything done fast and more efficiently.
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Tailored application solutions that fit your company needs
We offer services for organizations that wants to embed Pebble Stream technology to create their own applications. Our enterprise solution includes our Pebble Stream Runtime, Pebble Stream Compiler & Slingshot.
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We offer various enterprise solutions

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