Delivering technology that scales products and services seamlessly with accuracy.

We enable seamless data computation for businesses and individuals looking to scale complex spreadsheet models in seconds. We offer efficient technology and a user-friendly interface to streamline operations and increase opportunities and growth.


Unlock everyone’s software developer potential by educating, empowering and supporting people to create more effective and efficient spreadsheets.


Be the leading spreadsheet technology provider, enabling all people to access complex calculations and scalability opportunities.

Our Story

Pebble Stream was founded by Bediako George, a software architect and consultant with over 25 years of expertise in the financial and accounting industries.
He is highly recognized and awarded in the work of spreadsheet computing and complex calculations, being named as the principal inventor on multiple patents for different technologies and industries and an expert in cloud computing and natural language processing.

Recognizing the demand to analyze and scale numerous comprehensive spreadsheet models, Bediako conceived Pebble Stream to do so effectively and efficiently while remaining relevant to today’s technological landscape.
Today, Pebble Stream provides services to a Big Four accounting firm and fast elicits interest from a growing list of B2B and B2C clients. In addition, with our growing team, Pebble Stream leads innovation in cloud-deployed spreadsheet computation technology.
Pebble Stream produces more effective work and significant opportunities for companies and individuals. It saves companies and individuals extensive laborious efforts, time, and money while offering world-class technical support, training, and guidance to ensure its customers benefit from Pebble Stream software’s full use and capabilities.